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About us

Holland Integrity Group (HIG) is the leading independent investigation and advisory firm supporting profit and non-profit organisations in increasing their resilience to misconduct and violations of integrity, in investigating possible complex fraud, and in the recovery of missing assets. We help organisations to protect themselves, solve problems and repair damage.

HIG has its roots in major consultancy firms and law enforcement agencies. Thanks to a long track record in the area of investigation, we are uniquely able to advise on prevention and detection of undesirable conduct and fraud. We help organisations to arm themselves against threats, and to identify ‘red flags’ at an early stage. Furthermore, we ensure that organisations know with whom they are doing business and who they employ. Our employees have the qualifications and certifications required in order to be able to do this work well.

  • Approximately 15 employees
  • Experience of individual partners > 25 years
  • Realistic fees
  • Working for municipal councils, ministries, provinces
  • Realistic fees
  • Working for most banks, including major ones.
  • Working for stock exchange listed enterprises
  • The partners are regularly invited to speak in their professional fields