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Anti Money Laundering

Existing money-laundering prevention legislation is complex and subject to constant development. Many organisations wrestle with issues surrounding the scope of this legislation and regulations, the effectiveness of the measures to be taken, the training of staff or the level of depth of investigations into potential clients or possible unusual transactions.

Extensive experience
Right from the introduction of money-laundering prevention legislation in the early 1990s, partners and employees of HIG have been involved in all areas to which this legislation pertains. For example, we have supported financial institutions and professional service providers in translating money-laundering prevention legislation into clear policy and adequate procedures. In addition, we have trained employees in understanding the legislation, recognizing signs of money laundering, investigating unusual transactions and asking the right questions of potential and actual clients and business relations. Finally, we have supported financial institutions in the implementation and testing of software for identifying unusual transactions.

Holland Integrity Group has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in:

•  conducting risk analyses based on money laundering typologies, client profiles and risk categories, among other things;
•  investigating indications that your organisation may have inadvertently been drawn into a money-laundering scheme;
•  reviewing unusual transactions on your clients’ behalf or as carried out by your clients;
•  conducting an independent review of the integrity of your staff, potential clients or business relations.