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Asset Recovery

The recovery of missing assets or recovering financial losses from the parties responsible for irregularities is a sensitive subject, involving a lack of clarity and many misunderstandings. In our experience, the successful recovery of missing assets is possible. The level of success depends strongly on a number of interrelated factors:

  • The early involvement of forensic investigators. After all, many legal and investigatory options can still be deployed early in the investigation process. However, it is rarely useful to engage forensic investigators after a court ruling in the first or second instance.
  • Close cooperation with the client and legal advisers in the determination of a strategy, the initiation of legal proceedings and the necessary exchange of data.
  • The local legal and investigatory possibilities to gather data on site. Each country has its own approach to gathering data.

HIG is in favour of a multidisciplinary approach, in which various specialists work together on a project basis to provide insight into irregularities, initiate legal proceedings and successfully recover missing assets. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully support organisations in the recovery of missing assets.