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Energy & Utilities

The energy sector and water companies form part of the critical infrastructure of the Netherlands. Failure of these essential elements of our society and economy would have highly destructive consequences. The risk profile of such organisations is high, and there are major interests involved.

Long-term vision
The energy market is extremely competitive and faces major challenges. The world is in the middle of a transition to a more sustainable energy system. Geopolitical developments and the eventual depletion of fossil fuels will have a direct influence on the sector and the choices that we face. Investments are huge, and are only profitable if the long term is taken into consideration.

Legislation and regulations
The nature of the sector means that the sector has and needs many rules. Security, compliance and operational risks are therefore defining factors in the measures which are taken at the organisational, technical and procedural levels. This demands optimal building layouts, optimal structuring of procedures and systems, and optimal deployment of people.