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Forensic Technology

The importance of IT in the context of integrity risks is indisputable. Is your organisation ready if it becomes a victim of hackers or, perhaps even worse, an employee with malicious intentions? How do you act in the case of such an incident, and how can the damage be limited as much as possible? Alongside a good infrastructure, detection is one of the primary instruments in the battle against cybercrime and misconduct. HIG is able to advise organisations regarding structuring organisations and the role of ICT security in this context, as well as detection of misconduct.

HIG is able to search through large quantities of data for specific information or evidence for potential use in a civil or criminal case. Physical documents are digitised as needed. Specialised software scans and organises information, so it is always easy to find.

Forensic IT investigation
If, despite all the measures taken in advance, an IT-related incident nevertheless takes place, it is crucial that the matter is investigated correctly. This starts with securing data and evidence and carrying out a thorough investigation: An investigation that uncovers all the relevant facts. An investigation that is also accepted as evidence in the event that legal action is taken.