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Fraud risk management

Fraud is a specific form of integrity violation that is deliberate, deceptive and unlawful. Its impact on organisations is great. Unrest, suspicion and the results of an investigation are often a bad surprise and damage confidence.

Creating an optimum situation.
Almost always, we see possibilities in terms of preventing a major part of these negative experiences and associated costs. Thanks to our experience with fraud and our knowledge of processes, systems and people, the risks of fraud can be reduced to a level acceptable to the organisation. Our advice is practical and targeted at application in the day-to-day activities.

Simple and effective
Using the simplest possible policy and a visible approach, the organisation can oversee and control fraud risks. Moreover, it allows the organisation to provide any interested parties with a quick and substantiated explanation for its actions in the case of (suspected) incidents. The objective of all this is to prevent unrest.