Suspicions of irregularities demand a quick, adequate and careful response. Each case is unique: the environment is different, insight into the facts is lacking and the approach must do justice to the interests of all the parties involved. The personal and business interests of the parties are often wide, contrary and diverse.

Specialists in investigation
We distinguish ourselves from other professional service providers by our multidisciplinary composition and approach towards investigations: we dig deeper. In this respect we are truly independent and have gained a broad, international experience with various employers. Each case has its own context and different dimensions. Therefore, we do not have a standard approach, but one which achieves results in an effective and efficient manner and does justice to the interests of our clients.

Legal steps and strategy
We assess the facts and offer you insight into possible steps under civil law and criminal law in response. If necessary, we ensure that missing assets are returned. We call on our international network and use contacts in national and international investigation agencies and regulators, among others. We substantiate legal proceedings by providing investigative data and offer support in making necessary choices.

Control of progress and costs
A systematic approach gives clients control over the progress and status of an investigation. We work efficiently and effectively: our expertise means that we have shorter turnaround times and realistic fees. We are also uniquely able to recover missing assets: we sometimes deliver more than we cost. This makes us a leading company in fact-finding investigations and the market leader in asset tracing & recovery.