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Translating legislation into concrete policy and procedures is not easy. In recent decades, great deal of new complex legislation has appeared. Many institutions have difficulty absorbing it and adjusting the internal organisation and services to the changed requirements. Moreover, certain legislation, such as the American whistleblower program run by the SEC or the British anti-corruption legislation, have extraterritorial influence and can seriously affect business. In addition, laws and regulations, such as money-laundering prevention laws and legal sanctions, can be so technical that it is difficult to assess where they are being violated.

It is often difficult to convert the intentions of the legislature in a practical and applicable manner in the day-to-day practice within an organisation. The conversion of legislation is not only a legal exercise, but often demands a broader multidisciplinary approach in order to ensure careful incorporation into the internal organisation. An important part of this is therefore training directors and employees in terms of knowledge of and insight into the applicable laws and regulations, but also in terms of the skills needed to apply these knowledge and insights in practice.

In close cooperation with internal specialists, HIG is able to translate relevant laws and regulations for all the key areas of an organisation.