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Litigation Support

Legal proceedings can be extremely complex. Not only can the substantive aspects of a case be complex, the path which a client has to follow to obtain justice can be equally challenging. If an organisation is confronted with irregularities, it is important to limit the financial and reputational damage as much as possible. Moreover, it is important to clarify all the relevant facts and circumstances, and if possible recover the financial loss from the parties responsible. It is therefore important for the client and its legal advisers that any forensic investigation is performed professionally, meticulously and effectively. Intended objectives must be realised and, if necessary, the case must also be explained adequately to a court or public prosecutor.

Cooperation with your legal advisers
HIG has the knowledge, experience and international network to exchange ideas regarding the organisation’s best interests, translating these priorities into investigation objectives and adequate performance of the investigation. We have knowledge of and a great deal of experience with civil law and criminal law proceedings under continental and Anglo-Saxon legal systems. We have already gained experience in many countries on every continent, which means we are able to support clients quickly, flexibly and in consultation with legal advisers in gathering relevant data and initiating proceedings.