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Professional service providers

The Dutch economy is an open one, with a small domestic market and a large foreign market. Accountants, lawyers, tax specialists, civil law notaries and trust offices form an indispensable part of the services to Dutch and foreign market parties. Dutch administrative, tax related and legal services have a good international reputation. The Netherlands has entered into tax treaties with a large number of countries in order to facilitate international trade and investment. In this context, it is estimated that €8000 billion flows through Dutch object companies via trust offices.

Building confidence
The juridification from the Anglo-American world has been increasing for years. This trend is also being seen in law and accounting firms, with specialists starting independent niche offices. At the same time, professional service providers have been afflicted by a wide range of incidents, which have not done the reputation of the service providers involved and the profession as a whole any good. Calls from society and politicians for additional measures, new legislation and regulations and tighter regulation are getting louder.