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Parties in the real estate and construction world have just come through difficult times, and are still being confronted with new challenges each day. More than 100,000 jobs have been lost, and cost overruns occur regularly on key projects. Incidents at housing associations and construction companies have resulted in parliamentary investigations, public debate and the introduction of new laws and regulations. This puts a great deal of pressure on organisations, both substantively and in terms of capacity. Now more than ever, the necessity and willingness to build confidence are crucial.

Vacancy levels in Dutch commercial real estate are huge. Some of this real estate no longer meets the demands of the current market, commercially and technically. Banks have a sizeable portfolio of non-performing loans, which means they sometimes have to take over the underlying collateral. The consequence of these developments is a strong downward pressure on the market value of real estate. Nevertheless, Dutch and foreign market parties seem to be more willing to invest in Dutch real estate. In these difficult market conditions, housing associations, real estate investors and other market parties are being faced with new, sometimes unfamiliar market parties.