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Training is a crucial success factor in promoting awareness. In the case of themes such as integrity, fraud awareness and security, the acquisition of knowledge and skills is essential in order to be able to observe behaviour and make it a subject for discussion. Personal convictions and preferences also play a crucial role, however, which sometimes makes it difficult to apply knowledge and skills in practice. A different and more personal form of training or coaching is therefore needed in order to ensure that managers and staff members stay focused, maintain a positive tone in their work, and adjust their course where necessary. You learn the most when you operate outside your comfort zone or are confronted with your own blind spots. During our training sessions we look for the best mix of learning forms.

Custom solutions
HIG offers a broad range of training and coaching packages at all management levels. Our in-company training courses, external training courses and workshops focus on the intractable and challenging subject matter and practical application. We tackle case histories, propositions and dilemmas. Moreover, employees learn to be able to ask the right people the right questions at the right time, and to have the courage to apply that ability.

We train employees and others to use interview techniques. And we train professional auditors and risk managers in fraud risk management. In the real estate management sector, we give training courses on real estate and ethics.