How to prevent Financial Economic Crime?

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Integrity, safety, compliance and good leadership are topics that play a role in every organisation. These topics also have an effect throughout the entire organisation. In practice, structuring policy to manage risks turns out to be a major challenge. People often know what has to be done, but there is a need for direction and advice on how to implement the policy in a particular practice.

"Evidence is the basis of justice"
Jeremy Bentham


Interdisciplinary research leads to the best results.

Asset tracing & recovery

The best chance of success in the recovery of missing funds is if cooperation takes place between the various disciplines right from the start of such a process. Holland Integrity Group can take the lead here. Cooperation with legal experts is therefore essential...

Integrity due diligence

Since its start in 2004, Holland Integrity Group has proven to be an expert when performing investigations and integrity due diligence or screenings. We support organisations in the executions of integrity due diligence into future directors, supervisory officers and staff members who are ...

Anti-money laundering

Existing money-laundering prevention legislation is complex and subject to constant development. Many organisations wrestle with issues surrounding the scope of this legislation and regulations, the effectiveness of the measures to be taken, the training...


Holland Integrity Group supports organizations in safeguarding the key driver in creating or destructing value: reputation. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding services to organizations susceptible to internal and external risks that could harm their business and operations. We are a highly specialized investigative and consultancy services provider covering all aspects of governance, risk management and compliance with financial economic crime laws and regulations, such as anti-money laundering, counter- terrorist financing, sanction and export controls, financial crime, anti-corruption and bribery. Learn more about us by our
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"Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of (criminal) investigation is nothing more than a guessing game"
Blake Edwards
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Wealth of expertise

Holland Integrity Group is a recognised specialist in the field of forensic investigations. Since incorporation in 2004, Holland Integrity Group has assisted multiple clients in numerous cases, unravelled all kinds of wrongdoing and traced and recovered their belongings. For your information, we will refer to several examples of interesting cases we have have been of service in recent years. Over the years, the professionals of Holland Integrity Group have published a wide range of articles on various topics. Learn more about us by our Articles →  Cases → and White papers →