Evidence is the basis of justice

Holland Integrity Group supports organizations in safeguarding the key driver in creating or destructing value: reputation. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding services to organizations susceptible to internal and external risks that could harm their business and operations. We are a highly specialized investigative and consultancy services provider covering all aspects of governance, risk management and compliance with financial economic crime laws and regulations, such as anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, sanction and export controls, financial crime, anti-corruption and bribery.

We advise and support international companies operating in the public, financial, HRM, real estate, oil and gas, energy, nuclear, logistics and other sectors. We support our clients in applying and complying with regulations by means of practical, cost-effective and balanced organizational measures. We approach compliance from both a legal and business perspective. Our team is the perfect blend of (internal and external) seasoned professionals with a proven and extensive track record. They come from audit and law firms, regulators and supervisors, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, forensic psychological companies and IT specialist companies. Our genuinely interdisciplinary approach guarantees an in-depth understanding of organizations and the markets they operate in. Internationally we work closely together with partners in Europe and other continents. We have a global reach and have worked on many international projects.

"Justice is truth in action"
Benjamin Disraeli

Since its incorporation in 2004, Holland Integrity Group has assisted many financial institutions and other clients. There are of course multiple other high ranking clients who prefer to keep their identity private. We have additionally worked with multinationals and governmental agencies. Resulting from thirty plus years’ of experience related to cross border investigations into financial crime, Holland Integrity Group’s team has developed an integrated approach that is unique within the market and yields formidable results.

Our interdisciplinary approach, cultivated from our experience that today’s large (fraud) cases are too complex to be understood using only one or other expertise, is a critical component for our success in solving almost all of our cases. In order for Holland Integrity Group to obtain the complete picture, we need to access a wide range of professional skills to ensure that a thorough (fraud) investigation is delivered. Holland Integrity Group has and hires legal consultants, auditors, psychologists, operational investigators and IT-professionals, covering all of the required areas of expertise. The experts of Holland Integrity Group work together on a day-to-day basis sharing knowledge and information and processing data via a centralised case management system.

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