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Over the years, the professionals of Holland Integrity Group have published a wide range of articles on various topics.

Holland Integrity Group is a recognised specialist in the field of forensic investigations. Since incorporation in 2004, Holland Integrity Group has assisted multiple clients in numerous cases, unravelled all kinds of wrongdoing and traced and recovered hundreds of millions of euro on behalf of clients. For your information, we will refer to several examples of interesting cases we have delivered on in recent years.

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Asset tracing

NCLs and NPLs – Ticking time bombs? Promoting a modern discipline to the investigation of non-performing loans and how to prevent reoccurrences

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Case studies

One of the forensic investigations Holland Integrity Group performed on behalf of a Dutch bank gained a lot of attention in the press...

In recent years Holland Integrity Group has investigated, on behalf of several banks, in excess of 40 international cases with a total value of...

In 2009 and 2010 a listed multinational client identified huge problems within their Luxembourgish and Spanish operations. Holland Integrity Group identified that local country managers...

In the years 2008 to 2010 the Dutch police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office received financial support from the Dutch government in their effort to fight financial crime and money laundering ...

In 2008, Holland Integrity Group assisted a Swiss bank who financed the shipment of Nafta from India to South Korea worth €110 million with tracing and recovering the missing funds...

Between 2004 and 2006 Holland Integrity Group assisted an investment fund and several high-net-worth’s individuals who invested more than €100 million euro in futures in tulip bulbs...